Permanent Menstrual Tension


                   Women are engulfed for about 90 minutes every day by irrational thoughts, uncontrollable rage
                   and an almost irresistible desire for inflicting emotional, verbal or physical abuse upon their
                   partners and their children.

                   Is this true? Well, it's just as true as the often-quoted declaration that men think about sex
                   every 15 seconds.

                   While this is often said in jest, there is a much more sinister motivation behind those who like to
                   promote this ubiquitous piece of misandric propaganda.

                   The idea that men think about sex every 15 seconds is a feminist-inspired statistic designed
                   mostly to perpetuate the idea that men are pretty much pre-occupied with sex for every minute
                   that they are awake. It is a way of demeaning men and suggesting that they are constantly being
                   aroused by their own salacious thoughts or by the presence of a sexual object.

                   This ridiculous notion is not as innocuous as it might seem to some, because it validates false
                   accusations from a variety of sources.

                   He abused me in the shed. He sexually harassed me at the office. He raped me in the woods.

                   All these become very believable if people are genuinely made to believe that men are so totally
                   immersed in sexual fantasies and desires that they are, therefore, highly likely to act upon
                   them, with or without the consent of the 'victim'.

                   To propagate the myth that men think about sex every 15 seconds is an excellent way of
                   ensuring that women are more credible when they make accusations, and they increase the
                   probability of successfully prosecuting men for some kind of sexual assault.

                   The truth of the matter is that some piece of 'research' has simply discovered that men, on
                   average, think about sex for about an hour a day - which is hardly a surprising discovery, and
                   nothing to shout about. Since this one hour represents about one-fifteenth of a man's waking
                   hours, then the feminist-inspired spin simply recalibrates this to one second out of every 15
                   seconds. By doing this, men can be reduced to thoughtless, spontaneously reactive zombies who
                   are triggered into thinking about sex every 15 seconds.

                   Well, since the average woman spends some three days in every month struggling with the
                   negative emotions caused by pre-menstrual tension, this suggests that about one-tenth of her
                   waking life is spent thinking and behaving in an irrational and provocative manner.

                   And this boils down to about 90 minutes a day.

                   In other words, the average woman pretty much experiences Permanent Menstrual Tension!


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