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updated 3rd October 2008

Auckland Temple Opening - January 2004 (90 minutes) 

Puspa Samadhi Festival of HH Tamal Krsna Goswami - Part One - Two DVD set (nearly 3 hours)

Images of HH Tamal Krishna Goswami 

Parama Koruna (also features "A Taste of Sri Dham Mayapura")

Kumbha Mela, The Festival of Immortality

Jagannath Puri, Sacred Place

Memories of HG Vrndavanesvari dd.
Vrindavaneswari Memorial DVD set US$40 

Vrindavaneswari Memorial VCD set US$10 

Commemorative Service for HG Vrndavanesvari dd.

Bhakti Rasa prabhu - Tribute to, temple feast and homages, music montage etc HERE

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Parama Koruna
This 13min video celebrates 15yrs of highlights since the installation of
Sri Sri Nitai Gaurachandra in Christchurch NZ in 1986. The format is music
video. It is easy to watch and spiritually stimulating. Also on this video
tape is "A Taste of Sri Dham Mayapura" (8mins) which shows some of the
beauty of the Mayapura environment together with beautiful scenes of the
Puspa Samadhi of Srila Prabhupada and the presiding deities of Mayapura, Sri
Sri Radha Madhava.   US $12


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Kumbha Mela. The Festival of Immortality.
Filmed in Alahabad in January 2001 at the height of the Kumbha Mela festival
this 25min video documents a week of kirtan, preaching, cooking, bathing,
unusual sites & sounds and the staggering reality of bringing 30 million
people together in one place for one day (Jan 24th). The 6 week festival
attracted a total of 70 million. Also includes a 3min national news item.
US $12


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Memories of HG Vrndavanesvari dd
She departed this world in the holy Dham of Mayapura with her siksa Guru
Tamal Krishna Goswami on her 41st birthday. Loved & missed by her family and
many friends in NZ and around the globe this 25min film contains footage of
Vrndavanesvari in NZ and on pilgrimage in India. Srila Prabhupada sings a
soothing Hare Krsna melody as we watch and remember her. US $12

Visit the Tribute to Vrindavanesvari dd Web-page


Commemorative Homily video for Vrndavanesvari dd
Devotees-family-friends gathered in Auckland on the 26th March to share together
their loss of a close friend who we'd served alongside for many years. Everyone shared their
deepest feelings of loss, disbelief, shock, denial, moving through the evening to gradual healing as we
shared loving remembrances, stories and pastimes together. The conclusion being mutual appreciation
for a very dear devotee, daughter, wife, mother, and friend by all assembled.
Many older devotees spoke, philosophical readings enlightened and reasured the genuine
sentiments felt. The entire event stands to guide us, in a way that Vrindavanesvari mataji
would want us to go - each of us coming away from the evening, examining the core of our being,
and seeing what wecan do, in this short life, as she did, to try to repay the debt we owe to
our spiritual master (although it is a debt that can never be repaid.).

The video was made as a fundraiser to make a memorial garden for Hg Srimati Vrindavanesvari dd,
and for HH Tamal Krishna Goswami, who also gave up his body in the same incident in India.
Videos were/are $10 US - and are a life altering experience to see.
The commemorative video is 2hrs 45mins long.

Visit the Tribute to Vrindavanesvari dd Web-page


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I went to Puri on a pilgrimage in 1995. It was organised by Tirtharaja
Prabhu. There were a number of senior devotees present including, Subhaga
Mhj, Bhakti Vrajendanandana Mhj (Malaysia), Jagattarini Mataji, Aniruddha
Prabhu (Melbourne TP), Janananda Prabhu, and our very own Trivikram &
Sumukhi, Jananivas & Radha Kanta and many others. We visited many holy
places including The Jagannath Temple (well, at least the outside), Haridas
Thakura's samadhi, the Siddha Bakula tree, Nrsimha Temple, Alalanath Temple,
Tota Gopinath Temple, Bhaktisiddhanta's birth place and bhajan kutir,
Narendra Sarovara, Indradyumna Sarovara and others.
This 25 min film, half of which is set to music, gives a
feel for the mood in this sacred holy city.
The Jagannath Puri video is US $12